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Louisa May Alcott

Born 29 nov 1832, Germantown Pensilvania

Dead 6 march 1888 55 Años, Boston, massachisetts  

A country Christmas

Ms. Alcott’s protaganist In this story is Sophie. She lives in a big city with her guardian, but she’s Feeling the pressure to make a decision about marriage. She needs some time to Get away and think. She decides to travel to Vermont and visit Aunt Plumy and Aunt Plumy’s two grown children, Saul and Ruth. They live on a modest farm and Life is much slower there.

Sophie asks permission and is Allowed to invite two city friends to come up and visit for Christmas. Sophie Wants to show them “a real old-fashioned frolic” as it’s done in the country.

At first, Sophie’s city friends Look down on the country folk, but the country folk soon win them over with Their honest look at people and life. The country hosts were able to show the City guests what a frolic is as well as the advantages of country living.

Modern Cinderella

Laura, di, nan

Jhon, nan, di, laura

Aunt Kipp

Aunt Kipp is the rich aunt to the impoverished Mrs. Snow and her children. Her children include Polly, older daughter, and ten-year-old Toady.

One day the family was Discussing Aunt Kipp in terms that were not complimentary. All of this was Absorbed by Toady who is missing a mental and verbal filter. In other words, Toady doesn’t know when to be quiet about things he has heard.

As expected, on Aunt Kipp’s next Visit, Toady told her what the family had said about her. On a subsequent visit Aunt Kipp also overhears a conversation about herself. She hears the family, Plus Polly’s fiance, decide they are better off without the expectation of an Inheritance from Aunt Kipp. They decide poverty is not so bad if one is happy. They agree that it would have been better if Aunt Kipp had been pleasant and Helpful to them instead of being hateful. But, they know Aunt Kipp’s ways have Caused her to be without loving people around her. She is the one who has lost Something valuable, not them.

When Aunt Kipp overhears all They are saying about her, she takes it and ponders on it.

Will the overheard conversation Cause Aunt Kipp to turn against the family for good? Or, will Aunt Kipp undergo A change of heart?

Debbys Debut.

Written In 1863, this timeless classic by Louisa May Alcott features a triangular Romance between Debby and two suitors. Debby's aunt is trying to get her Married to a wealthy man. It is a lighthearted comedy of manners that boldly Challenges the social order that holds wealth and social status more important Than character and moral values. The author has clear feminist convictions and Presents Debby as a modern, independent woman, The story of an ambitious woman who wants to Achieve financial success at the cost of her relative's integrity.

How they ran away

This story is about two boys , who sneak off for A hunting adventure in the mountains, without telling anyone, hunting only with their bows, and the Things didn’t run good for them they pass through diferent situations they were Followed by a bear, they caught a woodchuck and cooked fish, tommy and billy They have eleven years old

Little women


Por 1860.

Meg, Jo, Beth y Amy eran 4 hermanas que vivían con su mama ya que su papa se había ido a La guerra a luchar.

Era Víspera de navidad y ninguna tenia regalo y se la mentaban por ser pobres y Tenían que donar sus ganancias a la guerra.

Todas Estaban hartas de lo que hacían todos los días, Meg por que tenia que cuidar y Enseñar a niños, Jo porque tenia que hacerle compañía a una anciana que todo el Día la estaba fastidiando, Beth tenia que arreglar y hacer las labores de la Casa y cuando todas se quejaban se escucho la voz de Amy quejándose de que Todos los días tenia que ir a la escuela, en eso Jo comenzó a silbar y Amy la Callo diciéndole que eso era cosa de hombres y que detestaba a las chicas que Hacían eso y comenzaron a pelearse, pero Meg las callo diciéndole a Jo que ya Estaba grande como para comportarse como chico, pero esta no le hizo mucho caso Y continuo.

Meg tenia 16 años, Jo tenia 15, Beth tenia 13 y Amy 12 era la mas pequeña.

Después De hablar un rato decidieron que todas ocuparían su dinero en algo para su mama De regalo de navidad y se los pusieron en la mesa.

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