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Do you think that download music from the internet should be illegal? Why? Why not?There are many people today who download music from the internet daily. Should internet downloads be illegal? Personally, I think that it should not be illegal since it is a method of saving and opening doors to other artists.2.I think it's a good idea to download from the internet because you can have all the songs you like instantly and without spending any money. You can discover new artists of which you will never buy an album if you had not found out that you like their songs after downloading them from the internet.3.However, this generates huge millionaire losses to the music industry, generates demotivation to the artists at the time of creating new projects and many leave the world of music because they sell nothing.In conclusion, the downloads have to be legal because you save a lot of money throughout the year and if some song I do not like I have not lost money on something that I did not like.

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