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69.I'll give you my address.I want you to write to me.-I'll give you my address so that you can write to me/for you to write to me.

70.You have just painted your room.Now you are not happy with the colour.-If only I hadn't painted my room that colour.

71.Your little brother cries all day long.-I wish your little brother would stop crying
72.If you want my advice,don't carry too much cash around.-If I were you,I wouldn't carry too much cash around.
73.I was amazed by the things he said.-I thought that the things he said were amasing.
74.Politicians are too boring to listen to.-Politicians are not interesting enough to listen to.
75.Carol is a very good singer.-Carol can sing very well
76.It is not obligatory for employees to wear a tie.-Employees needn't wear a tie/don't need to wear a tie/don't have to wear a tie
77.I recommend you to do more exercise.-I think you should do more exercise.
78.I don't have enough time to deal with all customers.-If only I had enough time to deal with all customers.
79.Harry won more money than Bill.-Bill didn't win as much money as Harry.
80.Rick saved a lot of money so that he could buy a new car.-Rick saved a lot of money for him to buy a new car

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