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Pros - María Núñez

Cons - Ángel Ampudia

ÁNGEL: In my opinion, cosmetic surgery accentuates narcissism in our society, people nowadays are more worried about looking good than getting to know people, it’s true that an image costs more [...]

MARÍA: I think cosmetic surgery has some things that are positive, first of all you will feel better about yourself, this is really important because you are the person that is going to be operated, that’s why there is no need to be afraid because if you feel that you are prepared to do it, just go and do it, no one is going to stop you, and another important thing is that nowadays the technology is really advance so the are really few chances that this is going to end bad.

M: As I said, nowadays we have a really good technology and it is really different from a few years ago. I think it is really safe and there is no need to be worried about doing a cosmetic surgery.

Á: It’s true that technology used during this operations have improved a lot comparing to the past, but, risks are still a thing, from just an infection to death, as a matter of fact, operations like liposuctions, can cause perforations in organs, that can cause an internal bleeding, which can turn to death. Apart from this, plastic surgery interventions are too expensive, rhinoplasty costs between 3,000 and 8,000 USD, that’s too much!

M: Of course doing this operations are that expensive, but that is because it is a large process that involve a lot of different things and it is not that easy. Otherwise, a lot of people do this kind of operation because they felt alone because their appearance so after doing this process they are prepared to be able to integrate successfully in the society.

Á: I agree that people feel better with themselves when they have plastic surgery, but, according to what you have said, people do this according to what our society consider is a good appearance to be integrate with other people, so they are having this interventions because they feel bad about not accomplish the beauty models in our society. Also, this interventions can produce addiction to the people that are having it, causing real damage.

M: It is true that a lot of people do this actions just for fun because of the fact that they did it too much. Also, the people that are having it is people that have a lot of money as you said before because there are a really expensive operations. I would like to say that much people do this kind of things because they feel better with themselves and that is the most important thing.

Á: Okay, I agree with that, if it is because they want it’s okay, the problem is when they have this interventions to be liked by other people, also if they want this operations and they don’t have enough money to having them, people resort to inexperienced surgeons, which can cause them health problems.

M: That is true and I think that the type of people that goes to inexperienced surgeons are the people that are really crazy because they just want it to do it for fun. There is one thing where this surgeons are important and it is when you have some kind of accident or a really important disease. This can change your life just for the fact that they can rebuild your body in a good way.

Á: In my opinion, that’s the only way this operations should be used, only in a medical way, I’m happy we have finally found something in common, I also hope that you understood my point of view.

M: I am happy too. It was really nice to talk with you about this theme. I understand your point of view and I hope you understand mine.

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