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Match the character with the description. You can use a character More than once. 
A Gregson , B Mrs Warren, C Gennaro Lucca, D Mr Warren ,E Mr Leverton, F Emilia Lucca, G Sherlock Holmes, H Doctor Watson,I Gorgiano
 1 Who was pushed into a cab early in the morning?
 2 Who worked for Pinkertonʼs Detective Agency? 
3 Who was a dangerous criminal? 4 Who was the daughter of Augusto Barelli?
 5 Who worked for Tito Castalotte in New York? 6 Who rented rooms to lodgers? 7 Who worked with Sherlock Holmes? 
8 Who was a detective from Scotland Yard? 
9 Who wrote with a purple pencil? 
10 Who had big book with advertisements from the London papers?
1 Mrs Warren was very frightened by 
A her husband. B the girl who helps her clean. C the new lodger. 
2 The lodger
 A wore old clothes. B did not speak English. C came from another country.
3 Holmes and Watson wanted to see the lodger, A and give him the Daily Gazette. B so they hid in Mrs Warrenʼs closet. C and ask him some questions.
 4 They discovered that the lodger 
A was a beautiful young woman. B was very ill. C was a criminal. 
5 Someone sent messages to the lodger
 A with small pieces of paper. B with the flame of the candle. C once a month.
 6 Holmes and Watson met Gregson and Leverton 
A at Scotland Yard. B at Pinkertonʼs Detective Agency. C outside the red building. 
7 Emilia Luccaʼs husband Gennaro
 A worked for Pinkertonʼs Detective Agency. B killed Gorgiano. C was a friend of Leverton.
 8 Gorgiano set up the Red Circle in New York 
A and made a lot of friends. B and in London. C and told Gennaro to kill his best friend

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