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1.  Over the past two decades, natural disasters have killed very many people and have had negative long-term social, economic and environmental consequences.

2.  Societies in developing countries are especially affected because they are not as able to deal with natural disasters as more developed countries.

3.  In the IEWP, advanced technology will analyse information from all over the world, and send out warnings quickly.

4.  The aim of the population training element is to teach people to recognise danger signs and to inform them about what to do when they hear a warning.

5.  For the IEWP to succeed, it will be very important that information travels quickly and easily around affected regions, and that good local warning plans are developed.

6.  The IEWP will also warn against wildfires, floods, droughts and volcanic eruptions.

7.  The advance warning will give local people more time to escape before the disaster occurs.

8.  Aid workers will use the time to establish camps for people who have been affected by the disaster, and medical facilities where people who are sick or injured can be treated

1.  Shakespeare’s father was a merchant.

2.  He left her behind in Stratford.

3.  It is a comedy.

4. They are not sure of the order in which Shakespeare wrote his plays, or when they were first performed.

5. People are often surprised when they read Shakespeare for the first time because he uses many words which we do not use today.

6. People especially admire the beauty of the language in Romeo and Juliet, and the insights which the play provides into the human condition.

7.  The fact that he left his wife his ‘second best bed’ was strange.

8.  They visit Stratford to show their respect for Shakespeare.

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