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I´m going To write you about my city. I live in the most important city of Spain because It is its capital. Madrid is in the center of Spain. The weather in Madrid is Typical continental weather. Winters are quite cold and summers are very hot.

Madrid is One of the most important tourist cities for in word. You can visit many Museums, for example Reina Sofia Museum, or many monuments, like La Cibeles Monument. You can also walk and play in our great parks, like El Retiro, or you Can go to the city center and go shopping in famous streets, like Serrano or Gran Via. People who love movies or theatre can also go to the city center Where there are many cinemas and theatres with a lot of different shows.

What I like Best about Madrid is the night because It is very illuminated by a lot of Buildings although my city has a problem It is very polluted. I love to live in Madrid because It is beautiful and It has many wonderful people.


I´m going To write you about my last holiday. On my last holidays, I went to “Conil de la Frontera” in Cadiz for a week in July. I went with my live friends by car. I Stayed in very comfortable big apartment, near the beach.

The food Was very bad, because we ate fast food every day. The weather was sunny all Day. In the morning, we went to the beach to sunbathe and sometimes we had Lunch out. In the afternoon, we went for a walk in the city center and we Usually went shopping. In the evening, we had dinner in our home and the at Night, we went out for a drink in the city.

The last Holidays were my best holidays. In Conil de la frontera there are some Beautiful place and wonderful beaches. Also, it had very good and funny people. I didn´t have any problems because in this week everything was marvelous.

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