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I am going to talk about a person that I like very much and about a passion of mine.
I'm going to talk about Antonio José, who is a singer from Córdoba, Spain, who is 23 years old. And 3 years ago he won the television program "La Voz" and from there he has been growing.
Less than a month ago, at the Valdemoro festivities, he came to give a concert and I went to see him. It was very nice and I had a good time, and I was left without a voice. He is an artist that I like because of his way of being and how he sings. He has released 3 albums, and has won 3 platinum albums and 2 gold albums.
And also, as I said before, I'm going to name a passion that I have that is Real Madrid. I've always been a fan and follower, but I've never been able to go to any game.  The club is 116 years old.And well, of these things among others I am a fan.

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