Who did George try to find out

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A)E-B-D-C B)To spend-To go-To aririve-Cleaning-To employ-Working-To sleep-Be-Asking-Driving-Breaking-Traveling-To go-Feed-Running C) Typing-Feeding-Performing-Leaving D)Sleeping- Eating-To finish-To buy-Argueing-To ski-Meeting-To climb-To post-Forgeting D)Isn´t he- Did he-Did he-Aren´t They-Hasn´t He

A)T-F-F-T-T B) To visit-To see-Worrying-To help-Tell-Invite-To answer-Stealing-To stay-To find-Bring-Helping- To talking-Wearing-To read C)put-Do-holding-Playing D)To go-To introduce-To interrupt-Watching-Traveling-To inform- Reading-To say-To lock-Paying E)Is it-Aren´t you-Isn´t it-Will he-Hadn´t he

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