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 1 Relative pronoun
. Her car was destroyed in an accident, was brand-new
 - Her car, wich was destroyed in an addicent, was brand-new.

2. They got married in the spring..
-they got married in spring, when floqers were bloarning.

3.Here is the garage. I usually take my car there.
-Here is the garage where I usually take my car.

4. Jake is a photographer. He works for National Geographic.
- Jake is a photographer who works for " "

5.Lucy´s parents are actors. She wants to be an actor, too.
-Lucy whose parents are actors wants to be an actor too

1. I feel ill.( I shouldn´t have eaten) all that cake.
2. -you haven´t eaten all day. You (must be) hungry
3. Claire is studying something practical. She ( will be able to find) a job easily.
4.Bob wa out of town that nigth. He (couldnt have robbed) the bank.
5. Where are my glasses? I (can´t see) a thing.
6. This isn´t theis house. They (must have given) me the wrong address.

1. I´ll sit near the door. I (might leave) the lecture early.
2. Try to relax more. You (shouldn´t work) so hard.
3. I can´t find the cat anywhere. She ( must have run) away
4.Kevin didn´t do the washing up. He (may not have) time
5.There´s plenty of bread. We (don´t have to buy ) more.
6.This plant has died. We (should have watered) it more often.
1. If I were you I (would look) for a better job.
2. If you (want) to be sure of getting seats, book in advance.
3. They´ll come if he (sends) them a message.
4. They shoulndt have done that if you (told) the truth.

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