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MOVING ON 1) c, a 2) 1. In many cases, the offer of a place to stay is a temporary one 

2. Housing in the city is expensive  3) 1. F- if they cand find a person...Who will agree...To take them in... 2. T-... The cost of family´s... Thousands of dollars... 3. F-... Social workers do check that the offers of assistance... Are genuine... 
4) novel, was launched, illusion, fails
REFUGEES UNITED 1) A, B 2) 1.  Because they are fleening persecution and are afraid for their safety. 2. By using nicknames or descriptions of scars which are known only to close family members and friends 3) 1. There are no language barriers 2. Revealing their full name and location 3. To advertise the site 4) locating, launched, generate, remote
UNIT 7 4) 1. Susie complained that nobody believed in her 2. The students explained that they had learned about the French Revolution the previous year 3. The librarian pointed out that they were noy using the computer then 4. He said he could not fix the TV on his own. 5) will start/ would have been sold/ finish/ is she listening/ ran/ wouldn´t have eaten 6) asks/ explains/ had come up with/ completed/ was sponsored/ has donated/ has walked/ continues

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