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ohoo is an edible and biodegradable water bottle so simple that people could do it at home, is a transparent membrane filled with water like a large drop of edible and biodegradable water its production cost is only two cents ohoo arises from the need to find an option to the millions of plastic bottles that are used and discarded every day for water consumption since the vast majority are not Recycles and ends up damaging the environment is a container that contains water in a double membrane using a technique to shape the liquids in spheres called algae and calcium chloride at very low cost and can be used even to encapsulate dressings such as tomato sauce, soda juices and cocktails and drinks, It has already been used in London marathons where the consumption is immediate, in London the marathon of two thousand eighteen was used up to two hundred and twenty thousand plastic bottles where it can take thousands of years to dissolve while the membrane dissolves in 4 weeks completely if not consumed

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