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WWII aftermath

In 1943 the Conference at Tehran took place. In February 1945, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin met in the Yalta Conference to decide the post-war world: Germany would be divided in four occupation zones, free elections in Eastern Europe, they also talked about Japan. In April the Charter of the Unite Nations was signed in San Francisco (compound by the General Assembly with every country in the world, The Security Council, which has 10 elected countries where 5 of them are permanent members: USA, USSR, UK, FR, CH they all have the power of veto, the International court of Justice, US commissions, secretariat) In May, Germany surrendered. In July, the Conference at Postdam was held: USSR was able to get reparations from Germany, Truman announced an incredible weapon (atomic bomb that was thrown the 6th and the 9th of August) Truman, Churchill and then Atlee and Stalin represented the countries. In March 5th 1946 Churchill gave the Iron Curtain speech. Iron curtain stands for an imaginary line which divided East and West Europe. He called for firmer action by the West against the threat of communism

THE USA. THE TRUMAN DOCTRINEIn 1946-47 the containment policy against communism started. First with the Truman doctrine, used to support countries that rejected communism like Greece and Turkey. This Truman Doctrine was aimed at preventing the spread of communism and to isolate them.In 1947 USA created the Marshall Plan which was aimed to encourage the countries that were threatened by communism. Loans were granted for those countries. Yugoslavia got money from this plan. The truth is that this plan was made for both altruistic and self-serving purposes because USA did not want the spread of communism. Stalin wanted to turn the countries of Eastern Europe into a buffer zone. In 1948 Britain, France and USA withdrawn their forces from Germany allowing these three zones to form one. But the later division of Germany would be into two: Federal Republic of Germany (W) and Democratic Republic of Germany (E). Berlin was divided into four parts. The USSR closed their zone, Berlin blockade, and USA answered with the Berlin airlift, food and fuel were flown into the city. This blockade lasted a year.

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