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Starts in 1578 – the queen was examined by doctors, they ended up saying that in terms of Health she was not okay, and that the queen was “beyond child bearing age” – That she could not be a mother. It was a very problematic line – 2 reasons for The anxiety – The question of the succession (she could have children) & There was a replacement for queen Elizabeth, mary stuart (a catholic person) – It created expetansions, hjope – it all beins with this personal problem that The quen has.

It was à A Game of political propaganda – to convert the queen into a kind of icon, which Then will be sold to the nation – a political device. Hw was that done? What Kinf o dicon whas created, and how it was transmitted?

There many Means after cultivating the cul of gloriana – known as a royal progress – Started in 1578, no mere coincidence, the idea is simple: the queen is Displayed on her progress, on her journey to one palace to another she would be Exhibited to the nation this way, as a kinf of saintly figure, surrounded by Courtiers in the best clothes so that the queen could be complentated as a Distance. The message given: This is your queen, a kind of goddess, saint, this Is the power that surrounds her. It was a fully a toyal display of propaganda. It was a ver y effective merhod. It was a uncommon for the normal people to see The queen. The idea of magnnificance of power. It was meant t give the nation Confidence. The progress eas the first mechanism, bit it was not the only tool.

Arts were Also a effective tool (painting and literature)

1)PAINTING(difference Of about 30 years between some of them) – she never appears to be old, not Affected by the passing of time, not like a mortal being. Always painted using The same sort of profile. She always gives the same angle of face. Painting Usually contend sub-messages, they have t be interpreted.

a)WOMAN WITH A BLACK DRESSà ERMIN (were very rare animals, very expensive, they always were associated with Royalty –contemplated the cover, white symbol of purity) – This is you queen, a Symbol of purity, virginity.

b)“RAINBOW PORTRAIT“ - WITH A RED DRESS à EYES AND EARS (IN THE DRESS) – she hears it all and sees it all ,no secrets for Her. A warning to enemies – at least 4 plots to assassinate her –“I will Discover all the plots” – a woman in full command of secrecy. She is holding a Rainbow in her hands. A goddess.

THE ARMADA PORTRAIT àthe armada Coming from England in the left – This is you queen, our savior, the responsible F the defeat of the armada, she embodies total power, perfection. She holds the World in her hand – she is powerful.

65 Years old – she stands between dark and light – she commands in the day and int The night, she dominates nature, the one who rules over the map.

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