Flight Planning

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Succesful:Budget contrains-Cohiting Budget-upfront planning-
Stay on track-Make the launch date-accurate forecast-Ahead of Schedule
UnSuccesful: run out of money-miss the deadline-behind shedule-out of control-over Budget-lock of planning-unrealistic Budget
1. Run; smoothly-out of time/into problems
2.Stay: on track/ within Budget/the course
3.Check: the facts/progress/details
4.Set: A Budget/ a timescate/a launch date
5.Keep= to a Budget/tack of/ cost down
get round=avoid/bring out=cause/come up with=créate/ take forward=develop/pay off=good result/carry out=perform/bring down=reduce/take up= respond to/ set up=stont.
Reliable= trustworthy// Unsuccesful=ineffective//showy= ostentatius
Practical=funcional//complicated=complex// simple=modest// efective=succesful//over confident= arrogant//catious=wory

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