Flight Planning

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Dear Pedro.I’m going to tell you have to do when you travel by plane.You have to be at the airport one hour before check in.If you have heavy luggage you need a trolley to carry it.You push it to the check in desk and there,your luggage is weighed and your ticket is checked.You have to pay for excess baggage if it weighs more that allowed.You can take your hand luggage with you into the plane and put it in a overhead locker.If you travel abroad,an immigration officer checks your passport.Them ,a security guard is going to check your hand luggage and after that you go to the departure lounge to wait to board.There,you’re going to buy free tax in the duty free.You have to look at the departures board for the announcement of your flight.Later you’re going to  the departure gate and a security guard will  be sometine before boarding.Once in the plane the passengers are going to fastén  the read belt and the crew is going to be in the cockpit.The palne is going to taxi along the run away and finally he is going to take off.

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