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descripción de un dispositivo  What does it look like? What are its main qualite?This is a review of my Smartphone it is a big and very useful, because join together to find information or communicate with your friends and family.  What can you use it for? How do you opérate it? You can use it to send messages, make calls, play games with your friends and listen to music. To use it , you press the lock key, slide your finger on the screen and choose the option that you prefer. I like it because it is very useful for everything. The only problem is that it you spent a lot of time with him it affects your eyesight. I wold recommend it because you can use it to do your homework.  

descripción del colegio.  Our school is a big, modern high school. Some teachers are Kind and sociable. We dont wear a uniform, we wear normal daily clothes and we bring luch or money to buy it in the canteen. We have to learn english, mathematics and language, we also learn a foreigh language different to english, we practice frech. Sometines they give us homework and we have to take exams on each subject but we work hard and study to get good grades. We divide our school year into six different periods. We have a different subject at different hours. We go to the playground at rest time, where we share time with our calleagues.

descripción de un viaje   Last summer i went to Mallorca with my family. It was our last day of travel and we were buying some gifts for our friends and my father saw the time in his watch and realized that it was 5:45 in the afternoon and our flight was at 7 p.M. We were incredible late! But my mother was a Little stressed because she had to go to work the day after the trip. We had to rush to the the hotel to ge to our this¡ngs, since we had prepared them before, we took a taxi to the airport , we didnt have much time so we went quickly and we arrived on time to be able to go home calmly and not miss the flight. Some time later we arrived at our house tired from the trip but very happy with the holidays we had.

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