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The Constitutional Monarchy. The National Constituent Assembly: abolished feudalism And approved the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen,individual Freedoms and equality of all citizens in law and taxation (August 1789). Drew Up a constitution (1791) based on the separation of powers, national Sovereignty and legal equality, though the king reserved the right of veto. Census suffrage was also introduced. Once the constitution was approved, a Legislative Assembly. A new army, the National Guard, was also created to Defend the Revolution. The Austrian army invaded France and Louis XVI fled Paris (Flight to Varennes, June 1791), but he was arrested, and the Austrian Army France and reached Paris (September 1792).The Girondin Convention: The Girondins, the more moderate bourgeoisie, controlled the Republic. A new assembly, the National Convention, was elected by universal male suffrage. Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette were convicted of treason and executed (1793). In response to the King's death, monarchies in Europe formed an absolutist coalition against France. Inside the country, counter-revolutionary revolts broke out and the former privileged classes organised royalist plots.

The Jacobin Convention: In June 1793, the Jacobins, the most radical sector of bourgeoisie, endorsed the demands of the popular sectors and seized power. A new constitution that recognised popular sovereignty and the right to social equality was enacted. The executive was led by a Committee of Public Safety, which gave power to the Jacoin leader Robespierre. To reject the Austrian invasion, a mass levy (levée en masse) was organised that forced all citizens to join the army. To stop conspirators, the Reing of Terror was imposed. To satisfy the demands of the sans-culottes, a series of social laws were introduced. Prices and salaries were controlled (Law of teh Maximum). Many people opposed the dictatorial goverment, and a coup in July 1794 ended the Jacobin government.    

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