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Australia (Canberra)

1.Size - 2.966.155 Pop 24M

2.Climate - The most important factor in Australia
a. 2/3 of the land gets less than 20’’ of rain Per year
b. In the North about 10% of the land gets More than 40’’of rain
c. About 1/3 of the land Gets enough rain to support farming
d. Australia is hot and warm – only a small part In the
Southeast has cool Temperature in the winter (winter from June-

3.Physical Regions

a.Eastern Coastal plains and the Highlands or Great Dividing Range. This is where most of The people live plus the best farm land and best pasture land

b.The lowlands Which are dry

c.The dessert Region that covers most of Central and Western Australia – This is the “Outback”

4.Core area
East Coast to Highlands- Sydney, Canberra, Perth

Australia is 90% urban

Australia has 6 states and two Territories

A. 8% of the land is arable – 2% is being used
B. Main crop is wheat plus sugar cane, grapes, rice
C. Main exports are wheat, meat, wool
D. Australia has long been the world leader in wool production – they have more Than 160 million sheep – more than 20% of the wool sold in the world
E. Millions of Cattles. Sheep and cattle ranches

A. Australia exports about 1/3 of the world’s Bauxite
B. About 1/5 of the world’s coal

c. Oil and gas production has increased – still Imports

Australia’s weakness link – it is a country that exports the primary product But imports the finished goods. Tourism is also important – out back and The Great Barrier Reef

A. Aboriginals were first British convicts were next
B. White Australia policy - only British origin could come in – ended in 1976
C. Some Asia today

Industry processing is weak – small local markets – long distance to many Markets – legal problems with aboriginals

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