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I quite like spanish Music. I think that it is interesting, funny and entertainning .My favourite singer is Melendi.

Melendi is a well-know Spanish singer and coach in a very famous music programme.

He is ver y tall, thin and fair.He has short,straight brown hair.He has beautiful big,brown eres. He vas a friendly smail.He is really interesting,active and spiritual.  Melendi esa born in Oviedo on 21 january,1979.

At first: He wasn’t interesting in music.He usted yo play footboll and even he entered in diferent fotball clubs in his city. He finished playing fotball un 2001 Afther that He ton part of a band “El bosque in Oviedo “ They became very famous si Melendi decidet to start his career.

From that moment:  An today He has record  a lot of ces and he is a very popular singer all over the world.

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