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Write logical sentences to follow each one below. Pay attention to the words in bold.
1.I can barely hear the music.
please turn it up
2.Watch out for pickpockets.
there are a lot in this area
3.The police lost track of the thieves.
the thieves had everything planned
4.Please don’t lean on me.
it hurts my shoulder
5.They didn’t safeguard their house.
then they broke into it
6.He had to break into his car.
because he had lost the key

2 Rewrite the sentences by forming a suitable phrasal verb with the verbs below. One verb is used more than
back • give • go • bring • turn
1.I don’t think Jimmy will come tonight.
He may not turn up .
2.The witness recognised the suspect because of his tattoo.
The tattoo gave the suspect away .
3.You shouldn’t talk about the burglary in front of the children.
Don’t bring up the burglary in front of the children .
4.I really need your support at the meeting.
Please back me up at the meeting .
5.We mustn’t stop the show!
The show must go on !
6.Everything here is free.
They are giving everything away .

3 Complete the sentences with a suitable word.
1.He tried to STEAL my bag, but I didn’t let him.
2.When is your dentist’s APPOINTMENT?
3.I recognised him because of the SCAR on his face.
4.He was ON TRIAL from prison after serving a ten-year sentence.
5.I received a FINE because I was driving above the speed limit.
6.The detective tried to REASSURE the people that their neighbourhood was safe.
7.Everyone knew they were GUILTY , but they just couldn’t prove it.

4 Complete the sentences in reported speech. Use a different reporting verb for each sentence.
1.“I can’t do this now unless everyone helps me.”
Sophie complained that she couldn’t do that then unless everyone helped her .
2.“How much money did they get away with?”
The reporter asked how much money they had got away with .
3.“Don’t walk here alone at night!”
The tour guide warned us not to walk there alone at night .
4.“I was at home all evening with my wife.”
The suspect claimed that he had been at home all evening with his wife .
5.“I won’t give out any details.”
The detective refused to give out any details .
6.“Don’t forget about your appointment tomorrow morning.”
My mother reminded me not to forget about my appointment the following morning .
5 Complete the mini-dialogues using reported speech.
1. A:When will Steven call us?
2. A:What did the police officer want to know?
3. A:Why was he late for the appointment?
B:He explained that there had been a lot of traffic .
4. A:What did the judge say?
B:The judge said you were guilty .
5. A:Did he admit to stealing her valuables?
B:No, he insisted that he didnt stolen her valuables .
6. A:Why is he going to prison?

6 Complete the news report with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. 
Electronic pickpocketing occurs when your credit card details are stolen from your purse or pocket
1. Had waved                       5. Putting
2. Hadn’t suspected                   6. Had been reported
3. Were dealing               7. To become
4. Would have

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