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2.JAR (a):

  1. In this poster I can see two women with a child looking from the window to their husbands that are going to the war.

  2. The colors are darks, because the situation in very hard and sad.

  3. Because is the important part in the message.

  4. It means that men have to got war to fight for their country without a doubt.

  5. The mother’s and the children. They are sad, because his father is going to war, but proud of him.

  6. In the beginning of the war.

2.JAR (b):

  1. Because in that period what women said was important in the family. I think that this is unfair, because they were using women.

  2. They would be cowards (galdetu, cobarde). And a shame for their families.

  3. To convince men to become soldiers to work in the name of England.


  1. Sometimes women were soldiers too and fought in the war.

  2. Women worked in factories in very bad conditions, with explosives.

  3. Women’s husbands were serving in other countries.

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