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This principle requires the person or agency in control of the personal data to implement organizational and technical measures to ensure the data is secure. It requires the controller to offer protection against:

  • Unlawful destruction or accidental loss
  • Alteration
  • Unauthorized disclosure or access
  • All other form of unlawful processing

In particular when the data is transmitted over a network. If the controller is not doing the processing themselves they must provide guarantees that the specified security measures are being carried out.

Pre Processing a Biometrics Image for Feature Extraction:

Case Study: Finger Prints:

Fingerprint ID is often based on minutiae and or the location or the direction of fingerprint of the ridge endings and bifurcations along a ridge path. The image below indicates a number of distinct characteristics used in fingerprint ID.

Not necessarily 100% proof of identity. Two fingerprints from the same finger will not be identical. When two low quality fingerprints are presented for individuals with similar fingerprints uncertainty can occur.

Case Study: Iris Recognition: 1. Finding the iris in the image – so computed features are representative of the iris and not adjacent facial features.

2. Identifying the pupil – to separate the pupil from the iris prior to feature extraction

3. Identifying the eye lids. 4. Removal of eye lashes if they are present.

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