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vocabulary U.2: take a digital photo/ play a video game/ scan a photo/ send an emai/ store data/ go online/ print a document/ charge a mobile phone/ post a comment/ download-upload a video clip/ write a blog/ read an e-book/ plug in a memory stick.

PAST SIMPLE: was/were (I was a birthday present) (they were a lot...) v-ed
vocabulary U.2: electrician/ postman (cartero)/ policewoman/ journalist (periodista)/ researcher (investigador)/ actor/ doctor/ builder (constructor)/ lawyer (abogado)/ artist/ technican/ fireman/ politician/ scientist.
PAST CONTINUOUS: + (he was working as a...) - (He wasn't living in...) ? (Was Gill waiting when...?) 
vocabulary U3: under (debajo)/ towards (hacia)/ into/ up/ across (a través de..)/ along (a lo largo)/ round/ through (mediante)/ over (encima)/ away from (lejos de..)/ out of (fuera de)/ down (abajo).
vocabulary U.3 -ed/-ing adjectives: frigthen (asustar)/ bore (aburrir)/ surpise/ tire/ excite/ worry (preocupación)/ annoy (molestar)/ interest.
WHEN AND WHILE: (he was running away when the bear attacked) (While he was running away, the bear attacked).

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