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ESCAPARATISMO:-How customers look for products on shelves?Mainly, customers look horizontally. After all, most of our eye muscles are made to horizontal movement , then the scan is vertical for specific brands or products. -What are the districts in a store? It Is a part of the store where they have similar merchandise and that Is positively recognized by the customer for example as a bakery, Butcher or fishmonger.-What is based the scarcity principle?Explain it briefly:It's a principle based that  as the valuable objects are rare, limited In their range or availablity, this fact increase the perceived value of Those goods for the customer. -Understanding that the image that the client has of us is important,what elements help us achive that design of our store?The visual cues from which buyers make these judgments include the Quality of the store's materials, the lighting, the store's finish Level, the display accessories, the orderly presentation, pricing Techniques and , of course, the items for sale. -You have a backery inside a supermarket, there you have a few shelves for different kind of breads. Where would you placed  the most popular kind of?  I think I would placed it in the bottom, and let placed at the eye level For less popular, so I can show the customers another kind of bread, For it be promoted.-What is a point-of-purchase(POP)displays and what four elements should countain?A POP display is a flexible unit that is used to present merchandise. The unit can be a bin or a kiosk.The four elements are: merchandise, props and colors, lighting, show cards.-Tips to make an attractive merchandising:Be clear about what are you foccus in selling,2. Visible merchandising. And also if you can touch them, so much better, 3. Be tidy with the merchandising. This is our culture, maybe for another Countries can be different, but for us a tidy merchandising give us the Feeling of good presentation, 4. Make easy the purchase. You can´t miss the prices and all information you can give the customer about the item, 5. For make it attractive you can use manequins, displays...Different presentations. -What is the Path forced and what advantages and disadvantages does it have?Path forced is a route design that forces the buyer to take a certain route through the store. Advantage:-Allows the retailer to plan a script of the shopping experience.-The customer will increase contact with more products. Disadvantages:The customer can stress and leave the store without making a purchase. -What are the advantages of retail stores? Retail stores have the great advantage of having direct contact with the Customer, so they can listen to their needs and find the best solution For them. Through this direct contact we can know with their Expressions, actions, gestures ... That is transmitting satisfaction or Not and can help us to improve in the face of the future. -¿ How can the designer create a store that encourages shoppers once inside store?In a small sized store they Should have an interesting displays of merchandise locate inmediatly Adjacent to the store size entrance.When designing large stores it is important to create a sense of free access between the varios departments.-Can the use of fragrances in a store influence the behaviour of a customer? Explain it:Yes, even though people are not aware of the smell, it can create emotional effects and it is a powerful tool.There are two ways of influecing shoppers with odors;-Conspicuous Odors; we can use recognizable smell to evoke a pleasant emotional Sensatio in the shoppers. This makes customers relax and we can create a Particular mood and thereby, influence in them purchases. -Subliminal Smells; the fragance is used in small quantities and is almost Undetectable by the customer. The smell doesn't need to be related with The product we are selling.Those odors make the shopper feel relax and This makes them stay longer and so, the posibility of purchases incrase.

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