"I wasn't driving" past continuous or past perfect

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Present Perfect Progressive

Subj + have or has +been +ing+ complement


What have you been Doing?

Where has tom been Studying?

Past Perfect Progressive

Subj+ had+ been+ verb Whit ing+ complement

Have (‘ve)have not (haven’t)

Has (‘s)has not (hasn’t)


Where has you been Living?

Who had been Screaming last nitgh?

Simple future

Will+ infinitive

Negative form (will Not)

Short negative form (won’t)

Future continuous

Will + be + verb Ing will not be (won’t be)

Future perfect

Will + have + verb In past participle

Shall (‘ll)

Will not (won’t)

Shall not (shan’t)


What will you have Cooked at the end of the class?

Future Perfect Continuous

Will + have + been + ing form


Will she have been Studing?

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