"I wasn't driving" past continuous or past perfect

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Must= debe mustn't= no debe

Should= debería Shouldn't= no debería
Can= puede(presente) Could= podría(futuro)
Adverbs of Manner= verb+ ly or ily (well)
Past continuous= S+was were+ (v+ ing) + com
Be going to= sub+ am is are+ going to+ com
Will wont or may= to talk about future possibilities
May= will to say something is certain 
First conditional= if+ present simple, will/wont't+ infinitive.    If the weather is good, we'll have a picnic near
Present perfect= in activities you do in the present
S+ have or has+ ver past participle+ comp
Just= a short time, goes between have the past part.
I've just eaten.
Yet= untilnow, use in negative questions. No, we haven't seen it yet.
Already= sometime before now. I've already done.
in present= present simple be+ past participle
I am sent emails every day.
Past= past simple be+ past participle
I was given a new mobile phone.

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