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Diffusion: The process I which small molecules move from an area of high concentration to An area of low concentration. Diffusion need no energy and occurs until there Is no difference in concentration. Only gas and liquids diffuse. The greater The difference between the two areas the faster diffusion occurs.

Osmosis: The movement of water from an area of high concentration to an area of low Concentration through a selectively permeable membrane. Solutes affect the Ability of water to move, more solute makes water less free to move. Water Actually moves both directions to even up the concentration.

Active transport: Molecules move from an area of low concentration to an area of high Concentration. This requires a lot of energy.

Endocytosis: large Molecules cannot pass through the cell membrane. The cell membrane first forms A small indentation. This spherical pouch the seals forming a vesicle as its Separates from the membrane and moves into the cytoplasm.

Phagocytosis: When the substance undergoing endocytosis is a large particle of solid matter.

 Exocytosis: When large molecules need to be expelled from a cell and undergo the same Processes as endocytosis but the opposite direction.

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