- "You say you want to die for love, but you know nothing of death, and know nothing of love

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1. Noisy = zarata, quiet, get a job, fell in love, get divorcded, quit = renuncio. 

2. Rude = horrible, polite = maja, nervous, boring, quiet.

3. Get divorced, was born , fell in love, had a baby, get a job,

4. Testu bat bigarren ariketakok jarri.

5 animals: small, jkdjf,asdjhfkjs, sorry = huge/big edo zerbait.

6.  prettiest

(.... Enough/bastante, too (gehiegi) ...., as .... As, ....Er than/ most ....,) (she is old enough to drive) (she is too scared to go) (Inas is as stupid as Sania) (she is prettier than you) (you are the most intelligent)

7. Sania is pretty but Inas isn't (than) = Sania is prettier than Inas



Lehehenengon 1. karratua

Bigarrena: 3. Karratua

hirugaren: 2. Karratua

Laugarena: 1. Karratua


1: he got married

2: in his parents house

3: because they are getting divorced

4: because its too small for them



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