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Why do you Think people is more stressed nowadays? Exlain it.

From my point Of view, as i see it people is more stressed nowadays due to their style of Life.

On a one Hand, people don’t sleep enough becouse of they have problems such as job, Money A bad love situation and so on. Moreover, they don’t have any time to cook so That they don’t eat properly. Besides this they don’t have time either, fot Doing exercise.

On the other Hand, if people sleep about 8 hours a day, they will relax their mids so they Could be less stressed. Furthermore, if they ate five meals a day, eating all Types of food such as vegetables, carbohydrates, fruit and so on, they would Have a healthy body. Finally, doing a sport three times a week will help them In order yo keep healthy.

Having said This, the stress is a consequience of a style of life. If there is a will, There is a way.

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