- "You say you want to die for love, but you know nothing of death, and know nothing of love

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In a city like Barcelona, ​​so visited by tourists, an Essential thing is the food. Barcelona is full of all kinds of restaurants, Such as Italian food, Mediterranian food, Japanese food, and virtually every Corner of the world. Therefore, you have many possibilities to choose you fancy At all times. In my opinion the kind of restaurant that I like is Japanese Food. I love Japanese culture and food. Although the best known of this type of Food is sushi, to me what I like best are the noodles. Nothing feels better Than a hot noodles when it's cold. I do not like sushi so much because the fish Is raw, and I prefer it cooked. On the other hand we must also say that the service At these restaurants is very fast, besides being a cheap place (sometimes not) And which satisfied and full salts

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