- "You say you want to die for love, but you know nothing of death, and know nothing of love

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U4: Phrasal verbs: end up, find out, put up with(aguantar), square up(ajustar cuentas), stand up for(defender).
Idiomatic expr: be fond of(apreciar a), be history, be sick of(arto de), down in the dumps(deprimido), eyes meet, in the doghouse(en apuros), keep your cool(mantener la calma),lose your head(perder la paciencia), love at first sight, on a roll(en racha), out of the blue(inesperado), over the moon, through thick and thin(en lo bueno y en lo malo), under the weather(pachucho).
Relathionships: ask out, break up with, flirt, get on well with, get over, get to know, go out with, make a commitment.
U5:Attitudes: assertive(adj)(firme),assertiveness(n)/reliability(n)(confianza), reliable(adj).
Each other/One another: cooperate with, copy, fight with, help, laugh with, look at, play with, amile at, talk to, trust(confiar), understand.
Gestures & manners:apologize(disculparse), bow(inclinarse), catch sb's eye, greet(saludar), hold hands, hug, interrupt, queue(hacer la cola), shake hands, sneeze, touch, wave.
Cognates: culture, fake, laughter, strengthen, stress, weapon(arma), yoga.

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