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Hello teacher and classmates , we are carlos castro and sebastian manriquez and today we talk about henry ford and assambly line

1. Contextualization. Henry Ford lived between the years 1863 and 1947(eigtin sixti tri and naintin fouti seven), that is to say, he was born at the time of the North American civil war and dies two years after finishing the Second World War, witnessing the change from the XIX and XX(naintin and tuenti) century, the First World War and the economic crisis in 1929(tuening nain, being a protagonist and witness of the changes that shook the North American and global society in that period.

3. The Model T. Henry Ford and his partners, the Dodge brothers, manufacturers of the engines, began to reap the first successes, and with them came the differences of opinion. The differences were so serious that causing its separation, and Ford initiating the production of the Ford model T.
this car changed the lives of Americans completely for its so cheap price

5. Contributions to society. Henry Ford also modified the industry by paying his worker's high salaries. Ford established in the United States a network of dealers, and created a new type of forward sale. Henry Ford, was not only a businessman but he also used his money for pacifist purposes promoting a strong opposition to the First World War which he could not avoid and must put his factories at the service of his country for the manufacture of military cars and weapons.

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