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TIGHTEN toughen

CARRY OUT complete, put into operation

TO BYPASS something that prevents people doing Something

BACKGROUND CHECKS check on the things a person has Done in the past

MEASURES reasonable limits or legislative bills

TRIGGERED made to start

OUTCOME final result

AWAIT wait with anticipation

FLOW movement, flux

BANNED forbidden, prohibited, removed

LET SOMEONE DOWN make sb disappointed by not reaching The standards

UNPICK carefully and gradually undo or remove

UNFOLDING developing, happening

FEATURE a salient quality, characteristic

FAKE false

rate of Growth speed at Which something increases in size

depreciation a decrease in price or value

shrinking getting smaller

contribute to to help to cause an event or Situation

arsenal a collection of weapons

upgrade to move up a step or level; to Improve in quality

deterrent something that prevents people Doing something

outdated obsolete
remedy cure

influx a mass arrival or incoming

boost to improve or increase something
replicate reproduce; duplicate
affordable not too expensive

unpaved not covered in concrete

wounds injuries

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