Definition and Synonymic Meanings of Philosophy

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a) Nominal:

  • Etymological: "philosophy" "love of wisdom".
  • Homer (Sophia): ability, skill or technique
  • Herodotus (Sophos): anyone who outstands because of the perfection and quality of his works
  • Heraclitus (Philosophus): a philosopher is a good researcher of many things
  • Pythagoras: disinterested effort that leads to the quest for knowledge
  • Plato: Philosophy is a participation of Wisdom. It's a tendency.


  • Stoicism: philosopher is the calm, patient person, who never loses control
  • Scholasticism: philosophy is the supreme human natural science
  • Positivism: philosophy is reflection with no foundations

b) Real:

"Science of all things through ultimate causes, attained by the light of natural reason alone".

B. Formal object (point of view)

a. Infra scientific psychology:

  • Empirical
  • Knowledge that everyone can have of himself and of others by ordinary means
  • Purpose: practical

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