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X-Circle the correct modalor modal-like expression to compleate each sentence.
1.You weren't supposed to mention the gift.
2.She didn't have to bring food.
3.Bill shouldn't have toldAi about it!
4.You could take some flowers.
5. We 'd better not discussanything political
6. You must have your passport with you.
7.Chie 's got to pay her rent by Saturday.
8.You aren't allowed to go into a japanese kitchen.
9.Sami could have given them a CD.
10.Hadn't we better get going? The play starts in 20 minutes.
XI- in the blank after each sentence, write a single modal with a meaning similar to the underlined modal-like auxiliary
1. You have to be there by 10 a.M. Sharp.  have got to
2. We ought to invite Hana over for dinner.  should
3. We aren't allowed to smoke in the office.  can't
4. Ken has simply got to study harder.  has to (simply)
5. Are you supposed to leave a tip her?  should you
XII- circle the letter of the one underlined word or phrase in each sentence that is not correct
1. We ought look into a tour if we can find one that won´t bankrupt us
2. All is to attend the party on Saturday and should bring a gift.
3. I ought to take extra cash along, and I don't have to forget my passport.
4.You has better to set your alarm, or you might not wake up on time.
5. I'd invited Bob dinner Monday, but he must decline because he's sick.

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