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1.What is formula Count if?

COUNT IF is a function to count cells that meet a single criteria.

2.When can be used formula Count if?

COUNT IF can be used to count cells with dates, numbers, and text that Match specific criteria.

3.Which are the logical operators that supports The Count if?

. The COUNTIF function supports logical operators (>, <, <>, =) and wildcards (*,?,””) for partial matching.

4.Which is the principal purpose the Count If?

Count cells that match criteria

5.What is the Return value for The Count if?

A number representing cells counted.

6.How this formula works?

COUNTIF counts the number of cells in the range that Contain numeric values less than X and returns the result as a number.

7.Complete the following statements:

a)Syntax: =COUNTIF (range, criteria)

b)Arguments: range - The range of cells to count

c)Arguments: criteria - The criteria that controls which cells should Be counted.

d)The COUNTIF function in Excel counts the number of Cells in a range that match the supplied criteria

e)Non-numeric criteria needs to be enclosed in double Quotes but numeric criteria does not

1.How Count if can be expressed?

=COUNTIF (A1:A10, 100) // count Cells equal to 100

=COUNTIF (A1:A10,">32") // count cells greater than 32

=COUNTIF (A1:A10,"jim") // count cells equal to "jim"

=COUNTIF (A1:A10,"<"&B1) // count Cells less than value in B1

1.Write T is statement if True or F if statement is False

a)Range - The Range of cells to count.                                                                 T

b)Criteria - The Criteria that controls which cells should not  Be counted      T

c)COUNTIF is a function To count cells that meet a single criteria                  T

d)The COUNTIF function Does not support logical                                           

Operators (>, <, <>, =) and wildcards (*,?) for partial matching                     F

1.Match with lines the correct answers

1 Syntax        (C.)                                         A. Count Cells that match criteria

2 Arguments (B.)                                        B. Range And criteria

3 Purpose     (A.)                                         C. =COUNTIF (range, criteria)

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