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1)complete the sentes

mark washer the car yesterday (wash)

we didn´t play tennis last week(not play)

did he sleep eight hours last night (sleep)

i sent mary mails two day ago (send)

she lost his money last week (lose)

2)write in the correct tenses

1) if stom had a lot of money he would buy a bigger house

2)if sam didn´t taink in that way he would achieve his goals

3)paul would win the gamee if he on trained his goals

4)they wouldm´t be so tired if they slept well

3)present perfect write sentes

1) paula and sam have mode some mistake

2) they haven´t done all the homework

3) you have seen that film


1) same sadwiches were made by Sally last week

2) the house is pointed by them every summer

3) her Passport was last by paula yesterday

4)comics are read have by lucy every day

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