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2.Adaptations of organisms to the evironment:adaptation:evolution of organisms so that they are able to survive in a specific environm. 2.1Adaptations to water scarcity:water is scarce in arid zones where there is little rainfall&moisture in the ground. 2.2Adapt to temp changes:physiological funct. Of living things depend on the external temp.Of the envir. 2.3Adapt.To sunlight:sunlight is important factor for green plants&because they need it for photosynthesis.Animals also adapt to amounts of sunlight. 2.4 Adapt.To varying salt concentr:Osmotic regulat in bony saltw:the fish excrete sal throgh their giills and produce concentrated urine  to compensate for the loos of water. Osmotic reg in cartilaginous(tiburon):the concentr. Of salt inside the fish is similar to the concentration of the water.Osmotic regulat.In freshwat fish:they dont drink&they eliminated the water by expelling large amounts of urine that has a low salt content to compensate for the water going into them.2.5Adapt to lack of oxygen:at high altitudes -oxygen in atmosphere.Cause problems for land animals .2.6Adpt to lack of food:Some organisms have adapted to survived this situation by:storig energy reserves in their body,migrating to find food,storing food in hidden places

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