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Dear mother,Thnk yu very mch for yur comment. I undrtand how worried yu feel about yur child’s new school. It is an importnt decision that needs careful thinking and it is normal that yu have lots of doubts about it. I will try to help you make an informed decision./In my opinion the best option would be a bili school in which children follow CLIL lessons. It is the best methodology for your child to learn both a contnt subject and En simultaneously. Children at this age are just like sponges and they find it really easy nd motivating to learn content through En. There're many theories that show that C is very effective and most schools in our country are prepared for the challenge of C, training their teachrs and giving them useful tools and resources to help them teach really active and motivating lessons through En./However, my piece of advice is that yu should visit diffrnt schools and find out more informat about the subjects they teach in En, the nmber of hours per week and the way the implement C in their classrooms as not all schools do it in the same way. You also ought to check the resources and materials they use to help children with both the subject content and the English language. If you finally decide to take her to any bilingual school I should recommend that yu help her with her En in an enjoyable way. There're many resources and activits available online that yu can use so that she can feel confident enough for this challenge.

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