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Hello, my name is...And I´m going to write about homework. I agree with homework because they are necessary to learn. The teacher tell us to do homework to remember concepts that we have studied in class, and this it important to prepare to exam. On the other hand I desagree whit homework because I don,t have free time. Fristly, I can`t ride a bike or swimming. Secondly I don´t  have time to rest in te afternoon. Finally homework are vey boring for me. In conclusion, homewoek are very important, but I would like to do ather things

Newadays interner is a very useful thing in the world. Because all the people use it to seek information on the internet about something they dont know. I use the interner in my computer to do homework and download music. In addition, I use it in my mobile phone to play online, chat with my friend and visit social networks.A few years ago, television was one of the most addictive things but now internet is the most addictive things. Because your can use internet anywhre and anytime. In my opinion internet is very important because it is necessary for me in my day to day. When I was born internet was in the word so I can´t live without it.

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