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Battle of Britain: After defeating France Hitler wanted to invade Great Birtain. It was neccesary having aerial supremacy. However british fight planes resisted german airfocers. So instead of invading Britain, nazis decided to bomb British cities; From June to october 1940 german airplanes bombed british cities everyday.

the evolution of fronts: Russia: Soviet Front: In Russia, German forces suffered heavy looses; specially in the battle of Kursk (august 1943), where most of German Tanks were destroyed. After the battle of Kursk, german army only could retreat. Italy: After the allies conquered the north of Africa, they invaded Italy from the South in 1943. The King deposed Mussolini. However the Germans blocked the allied advance towards Rome, and retained the control over the North of Italy. The Paficic: In February 1943, US forces defeated the Japanese in the Battle of Guadalcanal. From them, Allied then advanced conquering and creating military bases island by island.

consequences of War II: Human loss.: a lot of people died because of the war or the diseases or famine caused by the War. Economic Consequences. Factories, roads, railways and communication lines in Europe dissappeared. Europe was completely destroyed by World War II. To avoid situations the international Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank were created. Moral Consequences. : Nazi concentration camps, Allied bombing of German Cities, or also Atomic Bombs dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, raised huge ethical questions. As a result, a new legal concept of crimes against humanity was created.

territories occupied Nazis: they imposed a police of economic explotation and political represion. They sent minorities like jews or romanies, political oppositors, homosex... To the concentration camps, where they exterminated.

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