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  1. What is the eye level?The distance between the ground and eye of the observant
2. What is optical mixing? When the colors are mix in the retina of the eye. Ex; Tv, video games
3. What is color or tonal value saturation? When you add black or white to the hue. Is the light or dark of a color independent of its chromaticity
4. What is camera obscura?Is an early cámara 
5. What is subject matter of a work? Is what you draw. Ex; landscapes
6. What is negative space? Is the area around and between a subject
7. What are the spatial qualities of color? Cool colors go background, hot go forward 
8. What is the umbra of the shadow? Dark part of a shadow 
9. What is the penumbra of the shadow? The penumbra is the lighter outer part of a shadow.
10. What is planer analysis? Is the analyzing of complex surfaces. The structural analysation of a form.
11. What is the focal point in a composition and how it is created? The areas of the artwork that demand the viewer's attention. Rule of thirds 
12. What is the main purpose of a thumbnail? To work out the composition 
13. Subtractive drawing. How is it done? When the surface is covered and you use eraser to bring out the form.
14. What is the content of a work of art? Concept of the drawing, art. The meaning of the art. Not the subject matter
15. Under drawing: sketched lines made by a painter as a preliminary guide, and subsequently covered with layers of paint.
16. Foreshortening: The compression of the size. Representing an object in a picture in depth.

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