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James Joyce was An Irish writer who born in 1882 therefore lived the rise of Irish nationalism.   Joyce was educated in the Jesuit school, under strict and rigorous order and rules. James Joyce felt in a Time of rise that the religion you had imposed a series of education and rules. In Dubliners, James Joyce alludes to Them priests not deserved the try so exquisite that they received. Since the Beginning of the 19th century, Ireland was united to Great Britain with the Anglican Church as the only official that the Irish had to pay; also there was A revolution of the peasants and underclass against the obligation to Tithe.  During this century, arose a Nationalism of religious factor with the defense of the Catholic Church against The Anglican. The reason that moved James to choose Dublin as the main set for His stories in Dubliners is because Dublin was the center of paralysation that Ireland was suffering under the British power. This book can be divided in 4 parts: childhood, adolescents, Adulthood and public life. 

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