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Descartes was motivated to show that the vast majority of our common-sense and theological beliefs were justified, and constructed his rational fundamentalism to demonstrate this. 

Descarte's Method of Doubt (Skeptic Method)is a bone of contention in Western world.

He uses method of doubt to reach to his conclusion of God,Body and Mind.This method was used as he does not want any element to remain undoubted and he pursues it rigorously and rigidly on every concept present in this universe.

          Descarte is the founder of skepticism but he is not skeptic, because he uses this method as an integral part of his philosophy  and not intuitively such as Hume turned to.

Descartes was a rationalist: He believed that at least some synthetic propositions could be knowna priori(that is, without being based on experience). 

The mind can judge changes. That you are a thinking thing. What proves you exist is that ou can think. The evil genius cannot deceive from thoughts.   

Induction problem: wants to know what i can know. Is not certain. Just asume things will be identical. Arguing in circle. I know things from experience but i don't know the why. Water  example

Clifford nunca arriesga nada. Esta mal si no tienes mucha evidencia. Ejemplo de preguntarle a una jeva para salir 

Hume es todo basado en experiencia pero no sabes el porque ejemplo de papel aluminio o agua.

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