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A-Government;Democracy-500citicens chosen rule each year(council)Assembly-500male citizens meet weekly to discuss problems or issues and come up with solutions/Said to be the birthplace of democracy/Lifestyle-focused education,Men different jobs,Women stay home,Taught public speaking,Coin Money,People encouraged travel,School end 18yold/S-Govern-Oligarchy(ruled few),Combination different forms of govern,2kings led army.Assembly-S men vote pass legislation& make civil decisions/Lifestyle-Focused military training,men are soldiers,women had more freedoms,weak babies killed,Harsh tratment,People not travel,schoolend7-20yold/Womens-looked down bye mean,considered no smarter than childrens&second class citizens men,expected to stay at home and manage households/WA- not allowed to leave house,basically prisioners at home,had very few rights,could not vote own property/WS- Womens respected”mothers of warriors”,Not considered equal mean,had more rights freedom that in A,They were educated,ps,walk arround, own property.

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