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The war of the spanish succesion:Carlos II died without children in 1700.There where two candidates to the throne.Philipe, Duke of Anjou ,supported by France.Archduke Charles was the Habsburg candidate supported by the Holy Roman Empire.Philippe of Anjou was the succesor but Archduke did not accept it,and the War of the Spanish Succession began in 1701.The war ended with some treaties in 1713 ans 1714 with The Treaty of Utrech(1713).The Treaty recognised the Bourbon candidate Philippe who became Felipe V King of Spain.In exchange,Austria recived Spanish territory in Flanders and Italy.Britain recived Gibraltar and Menorca.Early bourbon rule:Felipe V (1700-1746) centrilised administration in Spain following the French model.Nueva planta decree:This abolished the charters and institutions of the Crown of Aragón.Felipe created the secretary of state.Fernando VI, Felipe's V successor, continued these reforms.The Catastro of Ensenada(1749) was a large scale census and geographical investigation. The enlightened despotism of Carlos III:Carlos III (1759-1788) initiated a wide-ranging reform.The Marquis's reforms were unpopular at all levels of society.Their reforms attemped to modernise Spain:The Church.The powers of the Inquisition were reduced.Economic development.Spanish ports were allowed to develop free trade with America. New land was farmed.Education.New schools were built.Economic Societies of Friends of the Country.The group of enlightened thinkers met to discuss a variety of subjects.

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