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1.‐ Niamh is the student participating in the Erasmus pro

2.‐ a.‐ “we should all apply for it.” Recommendation that

all students apply for the Erasmus project b.‐ “we all

were still grateful” they were grateful despite not getting

what they wanted. C.‐ “After filling out papers and

forms” Completing the paperwork for the project

d.‐ “I would like to set up” she wants to begin the

creation of something. E.‐ “regardless of studying

Spanish for a year.” Despite studying Spanish during one

year she knew none. 3.‐ a.‐ It was good to know

someone spoke English. B.‐ They took him to the local

farm. C.‐ Because she gained experience and that would

be useful in the future.

VOCABULARY a.‐ English language requirements are

 judged according to TOEFL scores. B.‐ Tuition fees can

be paid in full before the enrollment date. C.‐ All

students are required to pay a 100€ reservation deposit.

d.‐ You can pay by check or bank draft made payable to

University of Sussex. E.‐ Foreign students will have to

pay the first installment immediately. F.‐ An

accommodation brochure is available at our office.

g.‐ A Doctorate consists of conducting independent

research and writing a dissertation. H.‐ The degree

consists of 180 ECTS (European Credit Points), with one

credit representing 28 hours of full‐time studying.

i.‐ Mr. Garrido has been an Erasmus student doing an

 internship at our organization.

Computer literacy although School Districts

Our chipset boosts since it has an integrated graphic

You have to reconfigure so that the computer can record

No further since/because the PC family and compatibles

Our lab requires in order to have your comptr repaired

Your computer may become despite your best efforts.

REMEMBER a.‐ I am currently living with four foreign .

b.‐ I attended a lecture on malaware yesterday evening.

c.‐ I took five subjects last semester.

d.‐ I heard a piece of some news about Toshiba comp

e.‐ I haven´t paid the registration fee yet.

f.‐ I have to go to the bookshop/bookstore to buy a

book on Java Script.

REMEMBER: fee tarifa-actually en realidad-nowadays

actalment-assist ayudar-asistir attend-degree carrera univ

career trabajo-carpet alfombra-argument discusion-plot

argument-lecture conferen-notice anuncio-foreigner xtran


1. It´s a Charter that aims to reward and promote quality

 in mobility enabling sending organisations to further

develop their international strategies 2. No, you don´t

3. Vocational education and training. 4. Charter holders

benefit from streamlined procedures, including the

application process, the organisation of mobility

projects, and reporting activities.


Trey: Hi, I saw an ad in the newspaper today in reference 

Bailey: Ok great. It costs $550 per month plus utilities: gas,

electric and water. It’s in a great neighborhood in the city’s

 downtown area. It’s in a quiet location, but still close to 

attractions downtown and you can use the public 

transportation easily. Trey: Can I rent month to month or 

do I need to sign a contract? Bailey: We require you to 

sign a contract for one year. If you break it, you will only 

get half of your deposit back. Trey: How much is the 

deposit? Bail: It is equal to one month’s rent. Of course, 

I will need this up front before you move in. You have one 

set of neighbors, so I do not permit loud parties.Trey: 

Can you tell me anything else about the apartment?

Bailey: Sure. It’s a 2 bedroom fullyequipped apartment, 

but we do not rent by the room. So,you are free to have 

a roommate to help pay the rent. Once that person move

in, you should contact me so we can put both of your 

names on the lease agreement.Trey:  That  all  sounds 

fine  to me.  Can  you  give me  the  address  today 

so I  can  see  the  place  before I agree to anything?

Devan: 77 5th Street. Are you free around 7 o’clock this

 evening?  Trey: That’s perfect; I’ll see you then! 

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