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Education is one of the most important human rights./ First of all, there are a lot of reasons that the books should be free. Some people say that young people are responsible. But I think it should depend on the type of student./ On the one hand, I believe it is a good idea because children who live in poor cities, they can go to school without paying anything. However, schools have got students who don't really care about their future. For example: the responsible student will respect the materials because they are not yours. Nevertheless, other students will do the opposite./ On the other hand, in my opinion who should pay the book is ourselves, except the poor people. In that situation, the charity will pay 90% of the books. And furthermore, schools should have a lot of freedom for students to choose the subjects they want to learn, so everyone can save more money, buying only the books they need./ To sum up, as fra as I'm concerned, the world should give a helping hand in education of the kids, because they are the future.

The aim of this report is to evaluate the facilities for students at Almadrava Secondary School and to make some suggestions for improvements./The facilities: The facilities that Almadrava has is a canteen, a computer room, a gym, a library, a music room...But the majority of the students use most the canteen and the library.60%of students buy their snacks in break time and 40% of students bring their own snacks from home/ Positive features: In general, students are happy with the facilities. The gym was particulary popular because it is big and it has got a lot of material for all sports./Areas for improvements: Even though students like the gym, only 10% said that it wasn't big. Older students, only 10% would like more instruments in the music room. About 40% said that the canteen was too crowded and the food is too expensive in relation of quality of the food. In addition, the canteen should have more space. And the rest said that the libary was too crowded as well. And furthermore, the number of books weren't enough. A fas as the chairs of the library, the students said that it were uncomfortable.

A strange thing happened to me once. It was a raining day when I missed the bus. Although it was raining, it was very hot so I took off my jacket. 20 minutes later the bus arrived. Once I arrived home, my mother asked me that where  my jacket was. Suddenly, I thought it might have been in my bag. But it wasn't. I got nervous because it was my favourite jacket. A couple of minutes later, I thought it might have been at the classroom. So I went there. Initially, I looked everywhere and then I realized that it could have been in the bus station. But it wasn't. The jacket just disapeared or it may have been stolen by someone. Sad that I would never see my jacket again. Finally, I gave up and went home. The next day, when I was in the bus, I looked at friend who was sitting on a bench. And next to her, it was a gray thing. Thankfully, I ran to her and I asked her if this jacket was hers. She told me that it wasn't. Amazingly, yesterday I saw the bench without anything and today jus appeared. The funny thing was that a lot of people walk through near the bus station and no one else had seen it.

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