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1 Should----- (c)                                                           

2 Maybe, perhaps, I think+ modal –(b) 

 3 Had Better not –(c)                                         

4 Had better ----(c)

5 Shouldn’t ------(a)

6 Ought to --------(b)

Complete sentences

1 You should read the Directions before doing the assignment

2 This is a good book. You ought to read it.

3 there’s not hot water. You shouldn’t take a Shower.

4 I told her it was a secret. She shouldn’t tell Anyone!

5 should

Choose the best modal to complete each sentence

1 That’s a good idea. We should invite them to The party.

2 He shouldn’t forget to charge his phone.

3 It’s getting late. I had better wake the baby Up from his nap

4 If you’re free tonight you should come to our House for a dinner

5 People shouldn’t use the clothes dryer in the Summer

Match sentences

1 You said something that hurt your friend’s Feelings. (D)                       

2 There are dirty dishes in the sink    (B)                                                

3 The road are icy     (E)                                                                       

4 You sister sent you a text      (A)                                                          

5 You have been late for work twice this Week   (C)                    

Unscramble the sentences

1 you/I/that/ should/ go to/ college/ think

2 money /shouldn’t /perhaps /spend /we /a lot Of 

3 should/ you/ a part-time job/ get/ maybe

4 talk/ you/ I/ teacher/ it/ ought to/ to/ your/ Think/ about  


1 must 
2 have to
3 don't have to
4 must
5 has to

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